Truman VP Music

Truman VP is a rapper and songwriter. He delivers creative lyrics, intense rapid-fire flows, and beautiful melodies to paint the colors of emotion. Each song promises a refreshing and authentic experience.


Into the Deep
Album Playlist

  1. Into the Deep ft. Natalia Newville3:18
  2. The Ritual 3:25
  3. Hide and Seek 2:33
  4. Snowstorm 4:29
  5. Light’s On ft. Srav 3:44
  6. Her Night, the Songbird ft. Srav4:56

Lyric Videos

Her Night, the Songbird ft. Srav

Hide and Seek

Mr. Anonymous


Light's On

The Ritual

Into the Deep

Live Performances

Wolf, original song and piano composition. University of South Florida Korean Mid-Autumn Festival
Vocalist - Srav Pathuru
Pianist and composer - Truman VP

The Ritual and Mr. Anonymous, USF Welcome Back Jam Performance

About the Artist

When Truman VP was eighteen, he wrote a song called Into the Deep and performed it at a local boba shop in Tampa. It was the first time he had shared music that was deeply personal with friends and family, and it would set the tone for his art – songs that seek to understand the most pressing and authentic emotion at the time of writing.

Now twenty-two years old, Truman VP studies songwriting and music entrepreneurship at the University of Florida. He writes vivid, powerful raps to vocalize the roughness of the human spirit, while preferring vocal duets and piano ballads for softer emotions. He has had the opportunity to work with talented singers and musicians, including the USF Chamber Singers ensemble led by Professor Allyssa Jones, for his original composition Her Night, the Songbird, and as a performer in the USF Blue Mood Vocal Jazz ensemble.

His debut album Into the Deep is a collaboration with Silver Award-winning sound engineer Aris Sperling, as well as with multi-genre vocalists Srav and Natalia Newville and string players from the USF Symphony Orchestra. He aims to listen to and write more immersive music to explore the full range of color and emotion.

Truman VP is a rapper and songwriter. His intense lyrics, creative rapid-fire flows,
and beautiful melodies paint the colors of emotion,
from the fear of Hide and Seek,
to the longing melancholy of Her Night, the Songbird.
Each song promises a refreshing and authentic experience.

Contact Me

Phone number: +1 813 981 3648
Address: Tampa, Florida, 33647